Robyn & “Blinky Bill”

charactersMost people 35 years or under…have been brought up knowing and watching Yoram Gross’ iconic animated koala “Blinky Bill” in his 2 Movies or in the 3 TV Series, which have aired from 1992. (All the episodes can be found on YouTube). Robyn created the voice for this iconic Australian “mischievous” character, who not only enchants young children BUT transports young adults back to their childhood years (when life was easy…or…they needed an escape from hardship!)
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Robyn also created the voices for all the female characters…(Nutsy, Marcia, Miss Magpie, Mrs Koala, Granny Grunty, Ma Dingo, Daisy Dingo, Mrs Rabbit etc)


Going behind Blinky Bill
Interview on The Morning Show with Larry and Kylie


BlinkyCd xmasBlinkyCds montage4Giggle along with Blinky’s “Greenpatch
SNORE-chestra” from Robyn’s Christmas CD.
Written and voiced by Robyn.
Additional voices by Keith Scott.
Arrangements and effects by Andrew Legg.


Creating the voices of Blinky Bill is one of the most rewarding experiences ever for Robyn, as she gets to enchant children and adults alike with this spirited, mischievous character. However, as an Educator, A Speaker, an Ambassador for the Australian Childhood Foundation, a National Patron of Make-A-Wish Australia (a Volunteer and Wish-Granter), Robyn has experienced the real “MAGIC” of this character, when making “Blinky” phone calls or recording messages for over 25 years! The results for Educators, Social Workers, Health Professionals, Parents and anyone 35 years old or younger…are “extraordinary” (particularly with children at risk and Make-A-Wish children with “life-threatening medical conditions”)! Robyn shares some of these powerful stories about “Blinky” phone calls in her “Power of the Word” presentations (she sometimes involves the audience in a call) and the results are entrancing and sometimes deeply moving!
Blink call montage
Just some of the  responses after Blinky calls or messages:
The “Healing Power” for Allysha,  a Make-A-Wish Child with Cystic Fibrosis:  “After the “Blinky” phone call telling her she was “extraordinary”, her lung function increased dramatically the next day!”  (Alysha’s Mum)
Remote School Skype Session: “After the phone call, all of the children ran out into the playground telling each other “you are extraordinary!”  (School Principal)
A Blinky message to a suicidal teenager:  “Thank you…it meant so so so so much to me!”  
Blinky’s message telling 5 year old Bianca to imagine they were cuddling each other, transformed her fear of Fireworks:  “Bianca had her arms wrapped around herself, because that’s what “Blinky Bill” told her to do.”  (Bianca’s Mum)
A Blinky message for a Qld School created connection: “A grade 3 boy lifted up a grade 1 girl, so she could see herself in the mirror and say, “I am Extraordinary”.  (School Principal)
A Blinky call for a Dad’s children at a Conference: “You made the phone call to my most ‘extraordinary’ kids  leaving them a memorable message on our machine.  Thanks. You opened my eyes to the reality of life today.”  (A Business Leader)
A Blinky message played to a violent youth: “As the young person pushed me towards the wall my phone beeped. With the simple click of “Play” and Blinky’s voice sounding, the young person’s body language slowly relaxed, his shoulders went from being through the roof to down to his toes. A beautiful moment and a very big relief for me”.  (A Social Worker)


“Blinky Bill” and Yoram Gross Film Studio:                                             
In 1968 Yoram Gross (AO) his wife and Sandra Gross created Yoram Gross Film Studios. Yoram is now known as the “Father of Australian Animation” having creating animated films (like the “Dot” Series of Films) and TV Series seen across the world in 70+ countries. In 1984 Yoram Gross invited Robyn to audition for “the Bunny” in his animated film “Dot and the Bunny”.  This lead to Robyn becoming “Dot” and all female characters in 6 subsequent Dot films…plus…“The Magic Riddle”.  Over 35 years a lovely friendship has  evolved with this amazing family. Even Yoram’s son, Guy Gross, began writing all the soundtracks as a teenager and is now an Award Winning Composer. All the male voices were created by Robyn’s long-time voice-over colleague Keith Scott.
SandraBlinkyonWallDuring this time Yoram and Sandra had secured the rights for the iconic character “Blinky Bill” from the book written by Dorothy Wall in 1933.
In 1992 Yoram asked Robyn to create the voice for “Blinky” in the Blinky Bill Movie (plus all the female characters!) The drawing of “Blinky” was transformed physically into a ‘friendlier’ character and his checked pants (a nightmare for animation) were simplified to red pants with a patch. Creating the voice (the spirit) of Blinky has been a “Life-Changing” experience.
See how “Blinky Bill” has changed over the years!
1939 WW2 Mascot
1985 Stamp
1992 Image
The Next Generation Blinky Bill
A New Blinky Bill Movie was released in 2016.  “Blinky Bill the Movie is an Indian-Australian-American computer-animated adventure film based on the Blinky Bill character. The film was produced by Flying Bark Productions (formerly Yoram Gross Studio). “Blinky Bill” will be voiced by the star of “True Blood”…Ryan Kwanten.
blinkywinkSadly Yoram Gross passed away in 2016 however, his legacy lives on in the minds and spirits of millions of children in Australia and around the world. Read about Yoram’s inspiring story here: