Keith Scott and Robyn Moore are joined by Makin’ Whoopee duo, Tony King and Kris Ralph. CACTUS LIVE! is a comedy show with a difference!  It is presented with all the fun and folly of a radio program as it is being recorded – but with colour and action that you won’t get in a studio. Active participation engages the audience from the beginning, and a combination of punchy satire, brilliant impressions, live and recorded sound effects and hilarious musical numbers result in a theatre experience that leaves the audience invigorated and happy.

CactusLiveDeborah Hawke in The Barefoot Review  on ”Cactus LIVE” for the Canberra Centenary wrote:
“Cactus LIVE!” was the most incredibly entertaining but also unifying show, simply for the fact that people and political parties of all persuasions each get an equal sledging, so it’s virtually impossible to take offence at any one being particularly singled out. Doug and Shane Edward’s solid gold scripts are swiftly paced with blistering observations, striking at the heart of what Australians love best – to unrelentingly take the piss until any pomp and spin we are fed in the public arena is completely obliterated. And while the teamwork in this highly polished yet no-frills production was exemplary, it’s hats off to Moore and Scott for their spirited embodiment of those personalities embedded within Australia’s social fabric that we love and loathe. The icing on the cake…being gifted a live recording for Canberra’s Centenary…” 
The Canberra Times wrote:
CACTUS LIVE!  “…had a large house of initiates rolling in the aisles … the combination of satire, visible sound effects and Cactus humour is an unbeatable one.”
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