Robyn with Todd Russell at their 5 day "Safety Week" for BHP Billiton (Port Hedland)

Robyn with Todd Russell at their 5 day “Safety Week” for BHP Billiton (Port Hedland)

Robyn work in OH&S is unique and highly valued as she creates the opportunity for people to be Safe AND Productive at work! She gets people to “live with URGENCY before the EMERGENCY!”   

“One of the hardest things for a Conference Chairman to do is to select an appropriate speaker to encourage people to consider some philosophical points of the conference theme…as well as covering the dead spots that occur. I must say that the decision to invite you to their conference is one of the best ones that has been made in our Institute for a long time.
Your talent to hold an audience for more that 90 minutes is a very rare and valuable gift, as is your ability to humanise the core values of what can be a very dry and negative science called “SAFETY”.  Please accept my personal thanks for the value you have added to our Institute.
Davis Skegg Federal Vice-President Safety Institute of Australia