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“Excellent! 11 out of 10! Extraordinary!!!! Robyn has true potential to make motivational speakers redundant. She is marvelous at what she does. Robyn hit all the right notes with our audience. Highly recommended by Gerry, I nevertheless found it amazing how willing she was to spend so much time prior to the event trying to understand our company & our people. Not just your normal speaker she captivated every single delegate and then held them firmly (and willingly) in the palm of her hand for over 1 hour. She made our delegates laugh, cry, re-evaluate their lives, refocus on what’s important, and the best part is that she left a lasting impression on everyone. This alone is a remarkable difference between Robyn and other speakers – she actually achieved a CUT-THROUGH I never would have thought possible if I hadn’t experienced it first-hand. I am so glad we placed her as final speaker for the event as she just WOWED everyone.”

Sam Alford Retail Food Group