Robyn Moore – The Speaker

Australia’s most in-demand female speaker, changes the lives of people from all sectors, all age groups and all walks of life.

Robyn’s presentations are “tailored” to your Brief as well as being designed to:

  • Re-ENGAGE your audience with their whole LIFE! Their Vocation/Job, Purpose, Family, Relationships, Community…Themselves!
  • Re-ALIGN staff/audience with your organisation’s Vision, Values and Goals.
  • Re-INVENT attitudes and behaviours…attendees access personal responsibility and self-determination. The bi-products are Leadership, Integrity and Authenticity.
  • Re-GENERATE Passion, Energy, Productivity, Laughter and Work/Home balance.
  • Re-MIND your audience about “what really mattered before the circumstances changed everything”. They get to experience Possibility, Optimism and Satisfaction again…and the desire to pass this onto their staff, team, customers and their families.
  • Re-STORE confidence, hope and resilience in challenging times.

Imagine these outcomes for your staff, delegates, guests…
“Robyn has equipped us with tools to change the way we think. None of this “think positively and you can do anything stuff.” Robyn has the ability to get to her audience’s souls. She showed us how we can empower ourselves to enjoy our work, deal with conflict and enhance our lives, both inside and outside work. The investment we made, in times of limited funding, has been the best value for money we could have wished for. The feedback from staff has been overwhelming. We expect this will positively accelerate the cultural change that our leadership team has initiated.”                         
CEO Port Lincoln Health Services 

(All stakeholders)


Australia’s most in-demand female speaker, changing the lives of people from 5 to 95 years of age. 
Robyn is exclusively managed by Leading Voice.
To enquire about having Robyn speak at your conference or event,
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