Speaking Background

SpeakingBackground1Robyn Moore is Australia’s most in-demand female speaker and is regarded as one of the best!
For over 44 years Robyn has been working in Education, Advertising and the Communication/Entertainment Industry. She has unique skills with “the Power of the Word” and her voice has been heard in most homes in Australia and NZ and in many other overseas countries.  Her highly entertaining, inspiring and thought provoking presentations, totally captivate her audiences at national and international conferences. Robyn literally “sells people back to themselves” so they recognise old habits and behaviours and take responsibility for choices, which create the outcomes they want in their lives.  Robyn’s presentations are quite often literally described as “life changing”.

Robyn changes peoples’ lives in times of CHANGE and UNCERTAINTY!
We are living in times of dramatic change in the Economy, Government Policy, the Environment, Education, Health, Business, Agriculture, Industry, Community, Ageing, Families, Relationships…Wellness. Many speakers speak ABOUT these changes without affecting peoples’ attitudes or behaviour! Robyn changes  people’s experience and appreciation of who they are, and what they contribute (at work and home) no matter what CHANGES…POLICIES…or CIRCUMSTANCES are coming at them during these challenging times!  She moves people from Re-Action into Action by unfolding distinctions and communication skills beyond those generally being used in business or in education today! These skills help “clear the way” for the new thinking and communication required to create solutions and remarkable results in peoples’ professional and personal circumstances.

Why are Robyn’s talks “Life-Altering”?
•  You don’t just HEAR Robyn’s presentations…you EXPERIENCE them!
•  Robyn is not stuck in 1 story, therefore, every talk is unique!  She has hundreds of life stories and distinctions to draw from, all chosen to resonate with each audience and create the OUTCOMES her clients want. They consistently rate her presentations…”EXCELLENT”!
•  As a Voice-Over Artist for 44 years, she has the unique skill to GET people to GET it…quickly, effectively and authentically. People can then start to LIVE the INSIGHTS!
•  She is a “HIGH VALUE” Speaker, because the shifts people experience in their perception and behaviour…LAST! 

Honorary Positions:
Robyn is an Ambassador for the Australia Day Council, the Australian Childhood Foundation and has been National Patron, a volunteer and a Wish-Granter for Make-A-Wish Australia for 25 years! She was recently awarding “International Make-A-Wish Volunteer of the Year” at the Global Conference in India.

Imagine these “outcomes” for your staff or delegates!

“Robyn is the consummate professional.   From the very first questionnaire and briefing document that we received from Robyn to the very last sentence in her exceptionally delivered performance, she made us feel a part of her presentation.  She finds a way to connect to the conference group right from the very beginning and was prepared to research what our client wanted to achieve for their conference, and use that information in a very clever and well rounded way to explore aspects of our client’s concept for this conference. Robyn is truly masterful at relaxing the minds of delegates and then “getting in there” to pursue ideas and concepts.  We love her humour, forthrightness, humility and integrity.   She is an amazing person, with some very important things to say,  and I can guarantee without hesitation that our client’s delegates will be speaking about Robyn and her presentation for many years to come.  We know this not only from direct feedback from our client’s delegates, but from our own experience of hearing Robyn present several years ago.”
Sharon Thomson, Creative Producer  Imagine If – Creative Solutions



Australia’s most in-demand female speaker, changing the lives of people from 5 to 95 years of age. 
Robyn is exclusively managed by Leading Voice.
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