Voice Over Artist

As a “voice-over artist”, Robyn’s voice has been heard in most homes in Australia, NZ and in many other countries around the world. You may not know her name, however, when you hear some of her many voices on the accompanying mp3…you will know her voice! Please enjoy listening to some of the ads, jingles, satirical and cartoon characters that have been entertaining million of people over the last 44 years.

To download Robyn’s Voice Over Demo, right click here and choose ‘Save Target As’
Radio and TV Ads: Robyn has recorded 1000s of iconic commercials over 44 years from 1972-2016
Eg Spray ‘n Wipe (18 years)  Click here to view the jingle! Nestle Quik, Mr Sheen, Kleenex, Pet and Animal Expo, Dine, Tim Tam, Dulux, Sleepmaker, Snappy Tom, Stud Cola, Brian Rochford Jeans.
“How Green Was My Cactus” is a Multi Award Winning Radio Satire. Robyn has created all female voices from 1987-2014. This is the longest running radio show in Australia and is still recorded every week in Sydney. See Cactus Page.
Blinky Bill: In 1992 Yoram Gross asked Robyn to create the voice for “Blinky Bill” and all the female characters in the animated movie…and subsequent TV Series. She has also voiced all females in 6 “Dot Movies”, “The Magic Riddle”, “Flipper”, “Skippy” and “Tabaluga”. See Blinky page.
Doug Mulray Breakfast Radio: Robyn worked with “Uncle” Doug Mulray for 4 years on Sydney’s 2MMM recording his “ANTI-Ads”!
Phone Banking: Robyn has been the voice behind St George Phone Banking for 20 years.
Syndicated Radio Segments: Robyn was the interviewer with “The Merry Medic”… Dr James Wright in 5000  radio spots heard around Australia from 1981-2006.
Syndicated Comedy:  Since 1980 Robyn has been creating all female voices for Triffique productions in many radio comedies from “The Samuel Pepys Show” to the current “How Green Was My Cactus”.





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