Voice Over Background

HorsePhotosRobyn was born in 1950 in Tasmania. However, her “adventure loving” parents worked on sheep and cattle properties in Victoria, NSW and then moved to Torrens Creek in Outback Queensland until she was 6.  Her Dad was a drover, stockman, shearer, shearers’ chef and wool-baler and her Mum cooked for the Station-Hands. Robyn’s mum was also her teacher when she started correspondence schooling at age 4. It was in this isolation that her love affair with “wireless” began. All the characters from Australian comedies like “Dad and Dave” (at age 3) to serials like “Smokey Dawson”  became her “friends” and her imagination flourished. She never suspected they would pave the way to her Voice-Over BLISS! Robyn joined her first Band whilst studying at Hobart Teachers College. Then, as a first year teacher, she was asked to play “Nancy” in the Musical “Oliver”. The Director Di Drew (now Head of Film and TV at NIDA) invited Robyn to audition as a VO Artist for ABC Educational Radio Programs! The audition was cathartic and as Robyn stood in front of the microphone she realised this was “a window to the world” and was instantly “hooked”. For 5 years she taught in Primary Schools, wrote ABC Programs, sang in bands, performed in musical theatre and cabaret…AND in 1976, Robyn and her husband moved to Sydney to follow her dream to pursue VO work… and their business flourished.


michoriz_SM  Straight and Character Voice-Overs and Jingles
michoriz_SM  Documentaries, Audio Visuals, On Hold Messages, Phone Banking, Syndicated Interviews
michoriz_SM  Animation Voices (Spoken and Sung)
michoriz_SM  Political Satire (Syndicated Comedy and LIVE Recorded Comedy)
Now Robyn is delighted that the shows she creates voices for eg “How Green Was My Cactus” and the TV series “Blinky Bill”  have reached iconic status for millions of Australians…
and just like her radio heroes, many of Robyn’s characters are loved by young and old alike too!

Vobackground_pics2aOther Voice-Over Credits:

1984-2017 Syndicated Comedy:
“The Samuel Pepys Show” (All with Ross Higgins and Kev Golsby)
“The New Dad and Dave”
“The Dillberries”
“Kevin Trump”
“For The Term of Her Natural Life”
“How Green Was My Cactus” (with Keith Scott)  has been entertaining Australians for 30 years  and is still being recorded every week! PLUS “CACTUS LIVE” recorded in Conferences/Events. 
Animation Voices:
1984-2005 Yoram Gross/EM.TV All female voices   (Distributed internationally)
Dot and the Bunny
Dot and Keeto
Dot and the Smugglers
Dot and the Whale
Dot and the Koala
Dot in Space
Dot Goes to Hollywood
The Magic Riddle
Blinky Bill Movie
Blinky Bill’s White Christmas
TVSeries2Yoram Gross TV Series 1992-2005 Each x 26 Episodes
Blinky Bill (Series 1 and 2) ABC
Blinky Bill (Series 3) 7 Network
Tabaluga (Series 1)
Tabaluga (Series 2)
Tabaluga (Series 3)
Flipper (Series 1)
Flipper (Series 2)
Skippy (Series 1 and 2)
4 x Blinky Bill CD ROMS
4 x Blinky Bill CDs
PLUS Blinky Bill’s Extraordinary Christmas Singalong
Produced and performed by Robyn Moore (and Keith Scott).
Burbank1990-2000 Burbank Movies
Tales of Camelot
D4- The Trojan Dog
Beauty and the Beast
Easter in Bunnyland
The Canterville Ghost
Fox Blue Rocket Bingo2000 Fox Studios (International Release)
The Magic Pudding
2006 Voices for Blue Rocket Films
Dog and Cat News
Time Cracks
2011 Troy Dann Whip Cracking Productions
Oakies Outback Adventures
2013-2014 Yoram Gross
Pilot “Bingo and Bongo”



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